Comfortable clothing and a supportive bra. Socks are worn and it is advisable to wear socks that have grips on the soles. In classes that are NOT Pilates or Yoga, you will need to wear trainers.

It develops every aspect of physical fitness, strength, flexibility, coordination, agility and endurance. It heightens body awareness and body control. It teaches correct muscle activation and corrects posture. The focus on breathing offers a vehicle for concentration and focus whilst promoting relaxation and tension release.

The young, middle ages and elderly

The desk bound inactive people

Those requiring pre and post operation strengthening

Those referred by their physio, osteopath, doctor, chiropractor and other practitioner

Athletes for cross training

People requiring posture improvements

People wanting to tone and improve flexibility

Those that suffer from back pain / Scoliosis / rounded shoulders / neck stiffness / joint pains Arthritis / Fibromyalgia / sport injuries / RSI / Whiplash / stress / hypermobility

You can click on membership information links on the Class Description page and the Class timetable page on this website.

We supply all the equipment needed. You do need to bring water with you. As you become a ‘Pilates fan’ you may wish to buy your own mat, cushions and massage balls that you can also use at home.

There are no more than 14 in any class.

Yes, if you feel well enough to attend then you should. Speak to your Doctor or Physio if in doubt and ALWAYS let your Pilates teacher know of the injury and your limitations BEFORE the class.

In most cases yes! It is not advisable to start an exercise regime before seeking medical advice. The instructor will need to assess and make the necessary modifications to your training at each trimester.