Read what some of Mojo Training's clients have to say.

Thank you so much for having me at Pilates classes on Monday! I am feeling privileged to be there! I am really enjoying all work-outs and stretching exercises and now I find myself thinking more of my posture and breathing! I feel like a 'newborn' after each session :) - not only because of exercises, but the atmosphere and constant jokes make you forget about all problems! If that is where the spaces are I would trek to the ends of the Earth to get back into your pilates classes! ;)


Dawn is extremely knowledgable about all things pilates! Not only can she identify aches/pains when you walk through the door, but will (without any fuss) customise exercises to meet your individual needs. Instructions are always clear/very easy to follow and the wide variety of equipment and music keeps it interesting. Sessions are always challenging but very enjoyable and relaxing at the same time. Since starting pilates my weekly osteopath visits are something from the past and my flexibility, posture and muscle strength has significantly improved. I can’t recommend Dawn enough!


Fun, core strengthening and lots of stretching is what you get in Dawn’s Pilates classes. She is brilliant at making everybody (all ages) work to the best of their ability – being it new, seasoned or even injured – by keeping an eye on us and sense when we can push a little bit more or need to do an ‘lighter’ version. I would highly recommend giving it a go – I’m sure you’ll like it and it’s good for both body and soul.


I first started attending Dawn’s Pilates classes after my second child. I was slightly concerned about getting back into fitness post surgery, but Dawn tailored the exercises for me. I have now been attending her classes for a few years and wouldn’t go anywhere else. Her knowledge of the body is amazing and she knows just how to adapt her classes to make them suitable for all levels. I highly recommend the classes for any level of fitness - you will be well looked after!


Each week I look forward to my Pilates class, no week is the same. You can choose the easier, medium or harder options for each exercise so allows you to push yourself. I have Been going for years so a testimony in itself. Love the music and Dawn takes particular care and provides guidance if you have an injury, plus she has a cracking sense of humour!!


I'm probably the eldest person in Dawn's pilates class at 73yrs of age. But I'd like to say how really enjoyable her pilates classes are. I wouldn't miss them for the world. They are the highlight of my week. She makes us laugh as well as work hard. She's a brilliant teacher, and is so good at adapting things to suit personal needs. Because of her cheerfulness we have a very friendly class. So I'm so lucky I found her.


I have been going to Dawn’s Pilates classes for about seven years. Dawn makes the class fun and varied. We have a laugh as well as doing the serious stuff. If you have a medical condition don’t worry Dawn will adapt an exercise for you. She’s a great instructor wether you are a beginner or experienced. I would not hesitate to recommend her classes to anyone. A word of warning though, after your first class your hooked and will want to go every week!


I have been a regular at Dawn's classes ever since. I have tried Pilates with other teachers when Dawn was away but no one else makes it as fun and varied as Dawn. She caters for all levels of ability to ensure that you challenge yourself whilst making sure that you are working the. correct muscles by moving through each exercise correctly. No two weeks are the same, she varies the combination of exercises and uses different equipment so it never gets boring. Even when I’ve had a rubbish day or I am struggling physically and really don’t feel like doing any exercise, I go to Dawn’s class knowing that it will lift my spirits, I will have some laughs and come away feeling like I worked hard and achieved more than I thought I could


I have been attending Dawn's Pilates classes for over 12 months now and I absolutely love it. Dawn is extremely knowledgeable, encouraging and entertaining in equal measure! My core is improving and I have not suffered with any back pain since I joined the class. There is a good mix of exercises which Dawn will adapt/advise to suit your needs or capabilities. The classes are not intimidating at all and everyone has been very friendly. Highly recommend.


Getting super fit here in Namibia. Just walked up a massive dune called big daddy. It's in the namib desert. Thanks for all your fantastic pilates classes. Without your help I would not be able to attempt such feats and live life to the full. If I have any fitness issues or injuries you always sort them out for me. You make the classes so much fun too.x


Pilates with Dawn is not only challenging and relaxing at the same time, it’s also never boring and always fun. I look forward to it every week.